480 Families To Receive New Homes From NHA By 1Q Of 2023

November 25, 2022

On Friday, November 25, 2022, National Housing Authority (NHA) General Manager Joeben Tai carried out an ocular examination of NHA housing projects in Caloocan City to assure the quality of its housing projects.

Tai personally visited the three current projects of the organization in the city that would serve as the residences of beneficiaries who will be impacted by government infrastructure projects, accompanied by NHA Caloocan District Office Manager Emelina D. Balaoing.

Tai initially examined the Deparo Residences where 1,560 units are anticipated to be built. The beneficiaries of these units are individuals who were impacted by the government’s NLEX-SLEX connectivity infrastructure project.

He also inspected the Bagumbong Residences, which is expected to house a total of 480 families by the first quarter of 2023. Tai’s last stop was the Bagong Silang Housing Project, which is expected to deliver 300 housing units.

A unit costs P600 to P1200 per month for 30 years. The NHA also has plans to build more playgrounds, daycare facilities, sports courts, and schools inside the boundaries of these projects.

With more vigilance, the NHA is strict in making sure that these houses will not be sold to non-beneficiaries. In an interview, GM Tai says “Those who plan to buy these new homes will not have access. If we find out that they are not a beneficiary, we send them away.”

Tai launched the Build Better and More (BBM) housing program as soon as he took office because he was aware of the country’s present housing issue and wanted to do something about it. Under his direction, the Authority, he pledged, will build 1.3 million decent, sturdy, and reasonably priced homes with sustainable communities for underprivileged Filipino families.